A General Course of Analytical Chemistry

A General Course of Analytical Chemistry

A general course of analytical chemistry is taught (including seminars, lectures and practical tasks) to students of follow deparments:

Chemical Department
Adjacent deparments:
Biological Deparment
Geological Department
Geographical Department
Medicinal Department
Deparment of soil sciences

The special courses also is tought to students of III-IV year of education and postgraduate students:

Introduction to contemporary analytical chemistry
Chemometrics principles
Preconcentration methods
Spectroscopy as analytical technique
Electrochemistry as analytical technique
Biochemical and kinetic analytical methods
Complexonometry and complexons
Analysis of real objects
Analysis of complex mixtures of organics compounds



The collecive of Analytical Division under the direction of acad. Zolotov wrote the textbook "Principles of Analytical Chemistry" (in Russian, in two volumes). This textbook on current time is the most compehensive course of basics on analytical chemsitry in russian.