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Molecular Imprinting – Quantum Dots - Polyelectrolytes

Research group of Dr. Mikhail Beklemishev | e-mail

Current research

• Approaches to selective preconcentration of low-molecular-weight organic analytes based on self-organization (molecular imprinting)
o imprinting by polymerization in nanostructures (pores of track-etched membranes and nanoparticles)
o imprinting in polymers (polyelectrolyte multilayers) with subsequent cross-linking.

• Study of the regularities of the formation of optical analytical signal upon binding the analyte by quantum dots and molecularly imprinted structures; development of molecularly imprinted nanocomposite optical sensors. Search for approaches to visual imaging of small molecules in cells, tissues and organisms.

• Methods for the determination of water-soluble polymers based on their polymer nature.

Reseach Group Members

• Dr. Tatyana Samarina, Junior Research Scientist

• Darya Polyanina, Ph.D. student

• Undergraduate students

Current collaborations

Laboratory of Nuclear Reactions, Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, Dubna, Russia (Prof. P.Yu.Apel) – track-etched membranes
Division of Petroleum Chemistry and Organic Catalysis, Lomonosov Moscow State University (Dr. Aleksei Kudrinskii) – quartz crystal microbalance
Division of Inorganic Chemistry, Lomonosov Moscow State University (Dr. Sergei Dorofeev) – quantum dots

Some recent results

Molecular imprinting in polyelectrolyte multilayers

This is feasible for hydrogen-bonded layer-by-layer assemblies, preferably obtained from solutions of low water content (such as 91-96% ethanol), though imprinting from aqueous buffer solutions has also been demonstrated. The track-etched membranes were used as supports, and polyacrylic acid and polyallylamine as polyelectrolytes. Ionic liquid is useful in the deposition of the polymer multilayers, as it increases the ionic strength (impermeable membranes are obtained with from ionic strength solutions). The technique does not require cross-linking, though it might increase the quality of the impints. Polar compounds with ionizable groups (penicillins, Rhodamin B) can form the imprints, while less polar non-ionizable compounds (phytosterols) do not.

Imprinted membranes

• It was found that the molecularly imprinted membranes are conveniently prepared by photopolymerization of acrylic monomers on track-etched membrane in the presence of efficient photoinitiators. Introduction of transition metal salts (Cu(II) and Ni(II)) into the polymerization mixture improves the quality of imprints. The obtained membranes are highly permeable; they permit the separation of bioflavonoids not only from organic but also aqueous and aqueous-organic medium. The separation factor in pairs quercetin / rutin and quercetin / naringenin are 12–15, which is higher than in other systems.


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