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Ionic Liquids - Analytical Reagents - Chemoinformatics

Research group of Prof. Igor V. Pletnev | e-mail

In brief

Our research concerns

(i) ionic liquids in chemical analysis (with a primary focus on solvent extraction);

(ii) analytical reagents for metal ions and organic compounds (host-guest complexation);

(iii) computational chemistry, chem(o)informatics and chemometrics.
This, in particular, includes participation in the development of IUPAC International Chemical Identifier, InChI

Reseach Group Members

Dr. Svetlana V. Smirnova, Assoc. Prof. | e-mail
Dr. Irina I. Torocheshnikova, Assoc. Prof.

Current collaborations

Research group of Dr. Natalia V. Shvedene, Laboratory of Electrochemical Methods of Analysis, MSU Chem
Research group of Dr. Vladimir E. Baulin, Institute of Physical Chemistry and Electrochemistry RAS

Selected Publications

Svetlana V. Smirnova, Tatyana O. Samarina, and Igor V. Pletnev. Novel ionic liquids for liquid-liquid extraction. In book: Analytical Applications of Ionic Liquids , pages 139188. World scientific, 2016.

A. V. Rzhevskaia, N. V. Shvedene, and I. V. Pletnev. Anion-selective electrodes based on solidified 1,3-dihexadecylimidazolium ionic liquids with halide and pseudohalide anions. Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry, 783:274279, 2016.

S. V. Smirnova, T. O. Samarina, D. V. Ilin, I. V. Pletnev, and Yu A. Zolotov. The method of appearing solvent: Extraction of metal ions from aqueous solutions into in situ forming ionic liquid. Doklady Chemistry, 469(2):238240, 2016.

Stephen Heller, Alan McNaught, Igor Pletnev, Stephen Stein, and Dmitrii Tchekhovskoi. InChI, the IUPAC international chemical identifier. Journal of Cheminformatics, 7:2323, 2015.

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(First page/Abstract in PDF format)

Pletnev I.V., Zernov V.V. Classification of metal ions according to their complexing properties: a data-driven approach. Analytica Chimica Acta, 2002, v. 455, pp. 131-142.
(full article in PDF format).

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- related poster was presented at the Symposium "Applications of Molecular Mechanics to Metal Complexes" Amer. Chem. Soc. Spring 2000 National Meeting, March 26-30, 2000 San-Francisco.

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Some old papers

Pletnev, I. V. Metal ion complexes of 1,4,7-triazacyclononane and its aminoalkyl derivatives. Analysis of chelate rings fusion and molecular mechanics study. Can.J.Chem., 1994, v. 72, N5, pp. 1404-1411. ( DJVU format)

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