Curriculum Vitae


Adviser of Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS).
Head of Analytical Chemistry Division, Department of Chemistry, Lomonosov Moscow State University.
Principal researcher, Kurnakov Institute of General and Inorganic Chemistry, RAS.

Personal Data

Born: October 4, 1932 in Vysokovskoe village, Klin district, Moscow region.
Wife: Galina A. Zolotova, Dr. (chemistry), associate professor, Moscow University.
Son: Mikhail Yu. Zolotov, Dr. (geochemistry). Research professor, Arisona State University, Tempe, Arisona, USA.
Grandchildren: Andrew (USA), Nadezhda (USA), Maria.
Grandgrandchildren: Alexandra (USA), Liya (USA).

Professional activity

1950-1955 - student of Department of Chemistry, Lomonosov Moscow State University.
1955-1958 - Ph.D. school in Vernadskii Institute of Geochemistry and Analytical Chemistry, USSR Academy of Sciences.
1958-1989 - junior, then senior researcher, deputy director (1968-1979); head of laboratory on solvent extraction, then preconcentration (1971-1989) in the same institute.
1989-1999 - director of Kurnakov Institute of General and Inorganic Chemistry, USSR (then Russian) Academy of Sciences; since 1990 - head of laboratory on analytical chemistry of platinum metals; since 2005 - principal researcher (half time) in the same institute.
Since 1978 - professor of Analytical Chemistry Division, Department of Chemistry, Lomonosov Moscow State University; since 1989 - head of the Division (half time). Since 2002 - adviser of RAS.
Author or collector-editor of about 50 books; author or co-author of more than 800 scientific papers, 32 patents.
In 2001-2002 - academician-secretary of Division of Physico-Chemistry of Inorganic Materials of RAS, member of Presidium of Academy; member of Division Bureau during long period of time.
Deputy academician-secretary of Division on Chemistry and Material Science of RAS.
Chairman, Scientific Counsil on Analytical Chemistry, RAS (since 1988).
Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Analytical Chemistry (since 1989).
Member of Editorial or Advisory Boards of a number of journals, series of books, and encyclopedias:
In various years - Talanta, The Analyst, Microchimica Acta, Analytical Sciences, Critical Reviews in Analytical Chemistry, Fresenius Journal of Analytical Chemistry, Siberian Chemical Journal, Communications of Academy of Sciences, Series of Chemical Sciences and other.
At present time - International Journal of Environmental Analytical Chemistry; Solvent Extraction and Ion Exchange; Reviews in Inorganic Chemistry; Mendeleev Communications; Zavodskaya Laboratoriya. Diagnostika Materialov (Plant Laboratory); Koordinatsionnaya Khimiya (Coordination Chemistry); Rossiiskii Khimicheskii Zhurnal (Russian Chemical Journal); Voprosy istorii estestvoznaniya i tekhniki (Problems of History of Natural Science and Technique); Ekologiya i Promyshlennost` Rossii (Ecology and Industry of Russia) and other.
Chairman, Editorial Board of the series of monographs "Advances in Analytical Chemistry"; member of Editorial Boards of the series "Scientific Biographies", and "Great Russian Encyclopedia".
Chairman or member of organizing committies of many international, Russian and other conferencies, congresses, symposia etc.
Coordinator of the scientific program "Development and improving of methods for chemical analysis and study of compounds and materials structure" (Presidium of RAS).
Invited professor: University of Natal ( Durban, South Africa, 1995), University of Quinsland (Brisben, Australia, 2006), lecturing in many countries and many sities of USSR and Russian Federation.
Plenary speaker at many international and national conferences on analytical chemistry, coordination chemistry, radiochemistry and solvent extraction. "Mendeleev speaker" (St. Petersburg, 2007). Plenary speaker at Mendeleev Congresses on Pure and Applied Chemistry (1998 and 2011).

Scientific degrees

Candidate of chemical sciences (Ph. D.), Vernadskii Institute of Geochemistry and Analytical Chemistry, USSR Academy of Sciences (1959). Dr. Sci., the same institute (1966). Professor, the same institute (1970).
Corresponding member, USSR Academy of Sciences - 1970. Full member (academician) - 1987.


Japan Society for Analytical Chemistry - honorary foreign member.
Royal Society of Art and Science in Goeteborg (Sweden) - foreign member.
Shevchenko Kiev National University (Ukraine) - doctor honoris causa (1994).
Kuban State University -honorary professor (2007).
Bashkir State University - doctor honoris causa (2012).
Lomonosov Moscow State University - distinguished professor.

International awards

C. Hanson medal, International Committee on Solvent Extraction (2005).
F. Emich medal, Austrian Society for Analytical Chemistry (1990).
J.E. Purkine Silver medal, Purkine University, Brno (1973).
M. Ishibashi medal, Institute of Ocean Chemistry, Ocaka, Japan.
Hanus medal, Czech Chemical Society (2012).
L. Gordon award, Talanta journal (1987).

State awards

Order of the Red Banner of Labour
Order of the Badge of Honour
Order of Friendship of Peoples
USSR State Prize (1972)
Russian Federative Republic State Prize (1991)
Russian Federation State Prize (2000)
USSR Government Prize (1985)
Russian Federation Givernment Prize (2009)

Awards from Russian Academy of Sciences

Mendeleev Gold Medal, 1993
L.A. Chugaev Prize
V.G. Chlopin Prize
V.A. Koptyug Prize, 2014
Prize for popularization of science

Other awards and honours

M.V. Lomonosov Prize, Moscow State Unversity (2010)
Gold Sign of Mendeleev Russian Chemical Society
Diploma and prizes of Mendeleev Russian Chemical Society
Special honour issues of journals: Talanta (2012), Journal of Analytical Chemistry (2002, 2007, 2012)
Dedicated books: 2002, 2007

Membership in societies and other organizations

"Ecoanalytica" association, president.
Mendeleev Russian Chemical Society, first president (1991-1995), at present - vice-president.
American Chemical Society
Other societies and associations


Moscow State University
Chemistry Department of Moscow State Univesity
Vernadsky Institute of Analitical Chemistry

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