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Analytical Chemistry Division at the Department of Chemistry, M. V. Lomonosov Moscow State University is the leading Russian center in analytical science and education


Head of Division -
academician, Prof.
Yu. A. Zolotov

The division includes 85 staff members (5 professors, 19 associate professors; many graduate and post-graduate students). Division comprises of 5 research laboratories and education lab facilities. The research is currently funded by Russian Foundation for Basic Research and other funds; the staff members are awarded with many presigious awards, including Russian State Prize.
Total number of publications is approx. 100 papers each year and 100+ conference presentations.

Reseach laboratories:

Analytical spectroscopy
Chromatography laboratory
Electrochemical methods
Kinetic analytical methods

The division also hosts a number of organizations, including:

Ecoanalytical association "Ecoanalytica"
Certification center for monitoring & analysis
Moscow seminar on environmental analysis
Seminar on analytical test-methods
Commisions of analytical chemistry Scientific council of Russian
Academy of Sciences

Note: more information is available in Russian


Postal address: Analytical Chemistry Division, Department of Chemistry, Lomonosov Moscow State University, Leninskie Gory 1, 119899 Moscow, Russia

The division is situated in Northern part of Chemistry Department, 3rd through 5th floor.

Head of Division, Prof. Zolotov: room 368 @ Chemistry Department
tel (7-095) 939-55-64 fax (7-095) 939-46-75


Moscow State University
Chemistry Department of Moscow State Univesity
Vernadsky Institute of Analitical Chemistry

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